A-Tran’s Top 9 Albums of 2018

In a world of streaming abundance and fast trendy music trends, the art of creating or appreciating a full album seems to be less of a common feat. Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful to have so much music available at my fingertips, but there is a certain magic you can only get by sitting with one record (especially on vinyl duh, haha) from start to finish and analyzing different tiny nuances every time you listen to it. 2018 brought me SO many wonderful new songs and artists, BUT these are the nine albums that will have forever shaped and influenced me as a music creator and appreciator.

Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour
This album feels like Kacey listened to the happiest and saddest parts of your heart and then translated them into the most whimsical compositions.

Charlie Puth – Voicenotes
The Voicenotes era brought us the pop/music theory king that we really needed. Sophisticated, yet accessible.

Rozzi – Bad Together
Bad Together documents the full story arch of falling in, being in, and falling out of love. Rozzi pours emotion into every word she sings, and it could break a heart.

Bishop Briggs – Church of Scars
“Powerhouse” does not even begin to describe Bishop. Her bombastic vocals and hyper live show presence will leave you feeling empowered.

Donna Missal – This Time
Donna somehow blended the right amount of hard rock moments and pop melodies with the most perfect production in her debut album “This Time,” and it really is the album targeted to my exact taste in music.

Awkwafina – In Fina We Trust
Raw, fearless, hilarious, and heartfelt. Awkwafina is back at it again with some of the most fun and clever bops that your ears will ever hear. Forever stan!!

Christina Aguilera – Liberation
Xtina is one of my og pop idols and she always will be. Liberation brought us fresh production to back up Xtina’s timeless vocal prowress and undeniable delivery.

Young the Giant – Mirror Master
Young the Giant never fails us. Mirror Master was a flawless all around mood of sweeping guitar melodies, a driving rhythm section, and butter vocals. What else do you need??

Mitski – Be the Cowboy
Ms. Mitski did what? That. The effortlessly chill, yet sassy “Be the Cowboy” is a staple for anyone with artsy taste.


Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,
A-Tran \m/