BOTW #23 – Sanders Bohlke

Sanders Bohlke @ Tractor Tavern 6/19/13
Upon first listen of this week’s BOTW feature, you would probably associate his music to the “Seattle Sound.” Sanders Bohlke’s folky-indie-DIY vibe is super chill and is perfect music for a day of writing at your local coffee shop or just lounging around the house.

I got the chance to catch Sanders on Rachael Yamagata’s 2013 Dealbreaker Heart Tour and could not be more happy that I came in time to see his set (opening acts can be sketch sometimes.. haha)! Sanders’ set consisted of him and his guitar. In this acoustic setting, I instantly became a fan of his voice. And although his studio recordings are great, they do not do justice to the power, rawness, and sincerity in his tone that can only be captured live (so go catch Sanders and Rachael on tour!!!).

Sanders was the coolest guy ever,
super nice! And we’re matching!

You would totes dig Sanders Bohlke if you like:
1. Ray Lamontagne
2. Civil Twilight
3. Sea Wolf
4. Band of Horses
5. John Mayer
6. Paolo Nutini

Check out “Ghost Boy” from his latest record:

Sanders’ Internet Stuff:

Have a musical night, friends. (:

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,