BOTW #34 – Deckajam

Electronic-poprock with a side of dubstep, a sprinkle of live pianos, and a dash of drum&bass; that is exactly what British group, Deckajam, serves for you this week! The core of this group, Nick Sanett and Kevin Thorpe, combine their vast experience in producing and performing to create songs that will likely be received well in the ever-growing EDM and rave communities.

Officially forming as a group in June of 2013, Deckajam already has an impressive catalog of tracks on their SoundCloud profile and are very active in releasing more songs for listeners to stream, as well as constantly playing live shows.

Check out a couple of their tunes, it’s probably only a matter of time until Deckajam is opening for the likes of Calvin Harris and Bassnectar. Get your neon socks and glow sticks ready, it’s time to fist pump!

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,