BOTW #36 & Concert Recap – Empire of the Sun

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 – The Paramount – Seattle, WA

If you can imagine an 80’s new wave/musical theater/Atlantis/Vegas magic show-inspired concert, that is exactly what Empire of the Sun graced the Seattle audience with last night at The Paramount. Empire of the Sun not only plays a killer live show, they also bring an elaborate visual show with them. Around 20 costume changes, space age-y/arctic-y graphics on the giant screen, confetti, dancers, headdresses, and neon lights was just the beginning of it all.

I was especially pumped for this show because EOTS’s first record, Walking on a Dream, has been on my playlist since 2009! It is one of the few albums that you could listen to all the way through — ain’t no thing like an album-filler on that record. Their set was split between their old and new albums, and it was just hit after hit! If you plan on catching these guys live, be ready with your homemade headdresses and your dancing shoes because it may be one of the most fun live shows you’ll attend!

I you like ______ , you’ll love Empire of the Sun!
2. New Order
3. Passion Pit
4. Human League
5. Neon Trees
6. Capital Cities


Peace, Love, & Electro-Rock n’ Roll,