BOTW #39 – Neon Jungle

Neon Jungle
Combine Little Mix’s girl power, Rita Ora’s fierceness, and Ke$ha’s party girl raps, and you get Brit-pop’s newest girl group, Neon Jungle. This energetic quartet have all the right ingredients for girl group success, including a super catchy first single, “Trouble.” The track is driven by an EDM-inspired beat, Icona Pop-esque group vocals, and heavy synths.

In a time where boy bands and girl groups are making a strong comeback, Neon Jungle is bound to cause a stir in the scene! They are set to release their debut album within the next year and are scheduled to perform at the upcoming Victoria Secret fashion show. Follow them for all the updates here!

Fans of _____, are totes gonna dig Neon Jungle.
1. Icona Pop
2. Little Mix
3. Ke$ha
4. La Roux
5. Rita Ora

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,