[CONCERT RECAP] Pentatonix – 2014 Tour, The Paramount 2/20/14


In a sold out theater full of choir nerds, obsessive a cappella fans, and K-12 music teachers, you might expect that you were placed in some sort of geeky music convention — WRONG. Pentatonix, the 5 person a cappella band phenom, has been selling out venues globally for the last couple of years and there is no looking back!


This was my fourth time catching these guys and gal live, and I become more of a fan every single time. Their creative arrangements, perfectly executed harmonies, out-of-this-world ability to riff, impeccable vocal percussion, and crazy overtones are just few things that you can expect from this vocal quintet.


Favorite Concert Moments:
1. Evolution of Beyonce (they even added a “Drunk in Love” intro and I was fangirling so much that I could not get the camera to capture it in time)
2. Say Something (such a beautiful rendition of this song, and even more beautiful and emotional live)
3. Run To You (wow, much angelic voices. very gorgeous original song.)

Check out some live video clips:

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,