BOTW #59 – Dirty Loops

Words cannot begin to describe this trifecta of prodigy musicians. The drum/bass/keyboard + voice trio combines complex music theory, huge jazz/funk/r&b influences, and instrumental/vocal virtuosity to produce some of the most incredible musical experiences you will ever have. Regardless of whether you like their signature sound and style, there is no denying the amount of talent and musicianship that these Swedish guys possess.

Every single one of their songs incorporates the craziest rhythmic patterns, complex chord progressions, the funkiest bass lines, the cleanest drumming, very intricate piano parts, AND the most insane vocal riffs you will ever hear. I am confident when I say that they are the best contemporary band, ever (technically speaking).

Check out the first single “Hit Me” from their debut record, “Loopified.” (US Release: June 10th)

And this TOO LEGIT TO QUIT cover of Britney Spears’ “Circus.”

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,