BOTW #71 – Drowners

Hey Suburban Remix readers! Sorry I have been M.I.A. in the BOTW posts these past couple weeks, I have been working on SeaNote stuff 24/7 and it has been cray (shameless plug: click here to check out SeaNote, my a cappella group, our studio EP comes out August 2nd!).

Back to BOTW business. This week’s featured band, Drowners, are relatively new to the scene but their first full length record sounds like a group of veteran rockers came together and made an awesome album. Although they hail from Brooklyn, Drowners has a sound reminiscent of British indie alt-rock groups. And I have always thought British bands tend to have more sophisticated music and music taste. Drowners’ vintage guitar tones and driven vibes will keep you jammin’ all day.

If you like _________, you will totally dig Drowners.
Arctic Monkeys
The Strokes
Kaiser Chiefs
The Smiths

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,