The 57th Grammys (2015) – West Coast Live Reactions & Rants

Follow me as a react/rant to the 57th Grammys (2015) live(ish)! The show airs on CBS at 8PM PST.

Pentatonix won the Grammy for best A Cappella or Instrumental and I am literally CRYING. SO PROUD OF THEM and how they have represented the a cappella community in the mainstream world. ❤

AC/DC – this is rock n’ roll, children… OMG the velvet jacket and shorts suit wins the Grammys. #HighwaytoHell \m/

Sam Smith hands down for best new artist. Totes deserved it! Shout out to the HAIM ladies though, they slay.


BEAUTIFUL song co-written by Harry Styles, performed by Ariana Grande!

YAS JESSIE SANG IT GURL. Tone, range, control, style, attitude – she’s got it ALL.

Relationship goals: John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

Pharrell is seriously the coolest cat. HIS OUTFIT DOE. – Best Pop Solo performance for Happy! John Legend, Sia, and Sam Smith were also super deserving too though!!


So proud of Sam! Congrats to Miley on the NOM!!! Katy, girl. You deserve every Grammy you were ever nominated for!!! ❤


Dang, Madonna. She still got it! Cardio game is on fleek.

omg, ew. Patriots… ugh. #GoHawks

Yeah, Beck! Shout outs to the Black Keys too. But why weren’t Cage the Elephant or Young the Giant nominated???

Love this Ed Sheeran jam! Also, John Mayer killin’ it on guitar and singin’ some back-up in his fine suit and hipster glasses. I see you, John.

No WAY. I love ELO and “Evil Woman” is MY JAM, for real.


Any category with Beyonce in it is Beyconce’s category.

Gwen is actually flawless. (old news)

Hozier’s tone >>>

DANG Annie Lennox, show em how to SANG. She has still got so much power and conviction in her voice, amazing!!


Never thought I would hear “Happy” like this. But you do you, Pharrell.

SUCH a beautiful performance by Katy! ❤

Tony – Living legend! And I am so glad that Gaga gets to showcase her jazz vocals!!!

Usher is such an underrated vocalist! And Stevie Wonder needs no introduction. A lovely performance. ❤

Rihanna be like “I forgot my outfit at home, let me just borrow a random guys’ suit and still look awesome.” And her vocals were on point today too!

Sam Smith, everyone! That is how you write a song and sing the crap out of it. He deserves all his wins tonight!!

Beck for album of the year! Awesome! Bet no one expected that one though… BUT BEYONCE has the best album for real though.

Sia is the QUEEN of screlts (scream + belt whilst still singing really well).

SONG OF THE YEAR & RECORD OF THE YEAR SAM SMITH YAAAAS. Agh Take Me to Church and Chandelier would have been such worthy winners as well!!!

“Oh won’t you SLAY with me.” – Sam Smith at the Grammys this year

Beyonce ACTUALLY taking us to church. Yas.

John Legend sounding as soulful as ever. The timbre of his voice is everything. What a powerful song.

And that’s a wrap peeps! Until next year when Adele comes back to sweep it all (calling it now).

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,
A-Tran \m/

P.S. Here are a few snubs that I will never get over:
Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj in general – These two women have done so much for pop and hip hop, and women in the industry. Neither of them have Grammys….

“Jealous” by Nick Jonas – He totally deserved a nom for his solo comeback. This song is a HIT.

Demi Lovato – Fantastic pop/rock singer, songwriter, musician, and performer. ZERO Grammys…