Welcome to A-Tran’s Band of the Week Blog!

Welcome music lovers, one and all!

Every week I will spotlight a band on this blog as the “BOTW”.  The bands and artists are chosen because they are legit on many levels.  I will chat about favorite songs and albums, shows I’ve been to, what it was like to meet them (if applicable), and other neat deets.  Tips on navigating venues around the Greater Seattle area, what to wear to shows, and how to effectively mosh/crowd surf will also be included in your weekly musical digest, all for the low price of free.99! 😛
The purpose of this blog is to inform you on how awesome these bands and artists really are, and to hopefully convince you to go check out their records and live shows.  Being a musician myself, I definitely appreciate the art that other musicians create and I think it is really important to support (and enjoy!) this soulful and powerful form of self-expression.
With that, I hope you find these postings informative and useful.  I would really love to hear about your concert experiences, favorite songs, and any other rad stories you may have about the bands and artists!  Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome! (:
Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,