BOTW #1 – Allen Stone

Moccasin Twins. Photo by Momma Tran. @PLU 3/1/12
Whatup Music Lovers!

Welcome to your Mid-Week Music Update! For the first ever official BOTW Spotlight, it only seemed appropriate to induct Chewelah, Washington’s very own pride and joy: ALLEN STONE!

If you are a fan of soul, then Allen is the dude for you. His groove-able and shower-belting worthy tunes are often compared to the likes of Stevie Wonder and other soul/R&B greats.  Just imagine Stevie if he were a 25-year-old hippie with grandpa specs and Seattle-based flannels.

Not only can this guy sing, but this guy can SANG.  Allen executes riffs with ease and reaches notes that will take you to church, he did grow up singing in gospel choirs after all!  The only way to fully appreciate and experience every heartfelt lyric he sings is if you are able to check him and his band out live.  Although his albums give you a pretty good vibe of his musical stylings, he has grown so much as an artist and performer that the cd recordings do not allow you to completely experience his epic full performance potential.

On top of all his talent, he is one of the most humble and laid-back dudes you will ever meet.  After the Physical Album Release show at Easy Street Records on Queen Anne, Allen stayed to meet and chat with every single person that was at the show, and I know this because I was literally the last person in line!  He really appreciates his fans (especially his hometown Seattleites!) and we sure appreciate him and his musical craftsmanship.

Support local musicians and check out his website for all the deets on tours, music, merch, etc.!

A-Tran’s Top 5 Favorite Allen Stone Songs:
1. Unaware

2. Sleep
3. Last to Speak
4. Another Break Up Song
5. Satisfaction

Allen’s Best Cover (but they are ALL legit):
Is This Love – Bob Marley

I’ve seen Allen at…
Neptune Theater – January 15, 2012
PLU – Mar. 1, 2012
Easy Street Records, Queen Anne – August 23, 2012
Paramount Theater – Dec. 7, 2012
Bumbershoot – TuneIn Stage – September 2, 2013

How to prepare for an Allen show:
1. Wear a flannel and/or moccasins
2. Bring your dancing shoes
3. Be ready to “Get Naasty”

Best Collabs
1. Daryl Hall + Allen: Check out the full episode of “Live From Daryl’s Home” for a soul-packed house show.
2. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis + Allen: “Neon Cathedral”

I hope you check out Allen Stone’s music and be sure to let me know what your favorite songs are or any cool concert experiences you have! Until next week my music friends. (:

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,