BOTW #2 – States

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Greetings musical friends!

Time to update your music library with this week’s band of the week: STATES! Forming as a myriad of members from fan-favorite indie-altrock bands, “Copeland” and “Lydia”, States brings fresh songs with a dash of Eisley’s enchanting melodies and Paramore’s headbanging-ness.

If you know me, I’m all about the rockin’ bands with a fearless front-woman on the vocals.  Mindy White is just this.  Her sweet, yet powerful voice is the perfect fit for the pop-rock outfit comprised of driving basslines, catchy guitar riffs, and a subtle keyboard synth foundation.

The band currently has a self-produced album and EP (“Room to Run” and “Line Em Up”, respectively), and they were quickly scooped up by Tooth & Nail Records.  The label is also home to veteran rockers like mewithoutYou and MxPx, and I would not be surprised if States reaches their level of fan-following because their music is definitely worthy!
Twitter: @STATESmusic

Favorite Songs:
1. “As Good As it Gets” [The Rollerskate Remix will make you want to have a dance party]
2. “Everlasting” [Has a chorus you will want to belt in the shower in preparation for your American Idol audition]
3. “Captivating Me” [Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself jammin’ the air drumset]
4. “Generation” [Worthy of throwin’ up the ‘rock-on’ sign and headbanging]

If I created an internet radio station for STATES, related artists would include:
1. Eisley
2. Paramore
3. Young the Giant
4. Metric
5. Meg & Dia
6. Neon Trees
7. VersaEmerge

Waiting impatiently for them to go on tour!

That’s all for now, I hope you guys check out STATES! Don’t forget you heard about them through me before they got big (: …I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to happen soon!

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll.

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