BOTW #6 – Marina and The Diamonds

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Street cred for this week’s BOTW goes to my good friend Marissa Ho-ho-ho! (: Every now and then the music loving hipster will be caught off guard when they do not know a band.  In the event that this happens, one would most likely reply with a nervous “yeah, I think I’ve heard of them before…” and would then be encouraged to up their band-knowing game.  This was definitely the case for Marina and The Diamonds! Ever since I started listening to her music a few months ago I was instantly hooked on her super sassy pop tracks.

Marina’s first LP, “The Family Jewels”, gives off the indie/alternative vibes of Tegan & Sara and Florence + The Machine, while also embodying Gwen Stefani’s edgy pop stylizations. On her sophomore release, “Electra Heart”, she retains her signature in-your-face lyrics and catchy melodies, but adds a more poppy feel comparable to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. With fierce vocals, lazer synth lines and a few 80s-inspired beats, Marina will keep you singing and dancing all night long! (Also, I love the puns in her song titles!)

Despite her millions of YouTube views and online fan communities, I have yet to hear Marina and The Diamonds on pop radio and this needs to change! Marina’s pop concoctions have substance and her lyrics are a breath of fresh air from the meaningless top40 dance songs we are hearing nowadays.  On that note, go check her out!

Marina’s Site:
Twitter: @MarinasDiamonds

See Marina and The Diamonds at the Showbox SoDo show with me on May 2, 2013! 
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Here’s the rest of her tour:

A-Tran’s Favorite Marina and The Diamonds Songs:
1. Lies
2. Primadonna

3. Girls
4. Bubblegum Bitch
5. Shampain
6. The State of Dreaming

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Have a very musical rest of your week and thanks for reading and listening to great music with me! (:
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