BOTW #7 – Acceptance

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This week’s BOTW is: ACCEPTANCE.  Being one of Seattle’s own alternative rock outfits, the band only lasted from 1998 til about 05/06. Acceptance put out a few EPs here and there and a full LP, “Phantoms”.  Before they could finish their next full length, the band decided to part ways. If the band ever reunited, my level of excitement would be even greater than when I found out The Postal Service got back together!

Acceptance’s “Phantoms” is one of those albums that you can listen to without skipping a single song.  Every time I listen to the record, it takes me back to high school and I can’t help but sing along to the undeniably catchy songs. Each track provides a combo of strong melodic lyrics, Seattle vibes (those of Ben Gibbard and flannels), and All Time Low’s punk-rock pulse.
Even after 6+ years of their last album, I will never get tired of listening to “Phantoms”. Low and behold the day Acceptance reunites and puts out a follow up album… too many feels! I will continue to tweet them everyday in hopes that they still see that there are still Acceptance fans listening to their awesome music!
Acceptance = All Time Low + The Postal Service + Jimmy Eat World + Death Cab For Cutie + The Spill Canvas + Weezer
Although I LOVE the entire album, here are a few favorites from “Phantoms”…

Check out “Over You”

Hope you enjoy Acceptance as much as I do, until next time!
Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,

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