BOTW #9 – Rozzi Crane

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This week’s BOTW, Rozzi Crane, has the soulful voice that you are missing in your current music collection, and has just the right amount of rasp, attitude, and style to go along with it.  Due to the beauty of the internet, we are able to access so much more music that is created by artists that are not (yet) mainstream.  One day about a year ago while browsing the YouTubes, I found Rozzi singing a cover of “1+1” by Queen Beyonce.  At first I thought there was no way anyone could sing this song and do it justice. Wrong.  Rozzi sings everything with ease and I instantly became a fan of her deep and rich tone, not to mention the effortless transitions to her solid higher register as well.  This girl has got some major pipes and some cray range too!

Rozzi is currently working on her first EP as the first artist to be signed under Adam Levine’s record label AND is touring with Maroon 5 as a featured performer! I CANNOT wait any longer for this record to come out, but in the mean time I’ve been coping by listening to her AWESOME earlier original work that I downloaded from her BandCamp a while back, and of course all her YouTube covers are quality!

Rozzi is on the rise and it is only a matter of time before she hits the big time with her big voice!

Fans of _____, would LOVE Rozzi Crane:
1. Adele
2. Allen Stone
3. Scott Hoying
4. Jazmine Sullivan
5. Amy Winehouse
6. Sara Bareilles
7. Carole King
8. Toni Braxton

A few of my favorite covers from Rozzi! [Click on links for the videos!]

Hope you like Rozzi Crane’s stuff so that you can join me in her album countdown! Until next time my friends. (:

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,

This post is Rozzi approved! 😀