BOTW #8 – The Like

Choosing an opening act seems to be an art of sorts.  There have been way too many instances where I go to an awesome band’s gig and they have underwhelming openers.  However, this was entirely not the case on the eve of October 6th in the year of 2006 at The Paramount for the Muse show.  On the “Black Holes and Revelations” tour, Muse brought along this week’s BOTW: THE LIKE! The Like is a three piece indie-garage all-girl band that formed back in 2001, and all y’all know I’m all about that girl power!

The Like, circa 2005. [Photo from:]

As soon as The Like started their set, I instantly became a fan! Lead singer, Z Berg, offers a sweet but raspy tone.  Their catchy hooks, driving bass lines, surf-y guitars, and classic rock n’ roll pulse allows for sing-alongs and constant headbanging (whether this be at a live show or in the shower). The Like’s first full length record, “Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?”, is totally a gem. It’s one of those albums that can be listened through without skipping a single song. If I booked The Like circa 2005, they could have toured with bands like Eisley and Best Coast.

The Like, circa 2010. [Album Cover Art]

The Like’s sophomore album didn’t come along until 2010, and it was a pleasant surprise to find that they revamped their entire image and sound.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED (and still do) The Like’s indie/classic rock/girl band fusion, but their new mod-60s/Brit-pop revival effort was definitely just as awesome. Think The Pipettes + The Noisettes +  Amy Winehouse + Lily Allen, and you’ll get the idea of how the new The Like fits into your music library. Collaborating with modern day 60s revival pros, like Mark Ronson (genius Brit producer who worked a lot with Amy and Lily!), The Like replaced their surf-y garage guitars with more organs and handclaps. On “Release Me”, you will hear the same spunk and attitude that The Like showed listeners in their first LP, but you’ll get some new instrumentation and retro-vibes on their 2nd album.

Here are just a couple of my faves from each album! CHECK EM OUT!

The Like circa 2005, For Listeners of:
1. Eisley
2. Best Coast
3. The Pretenders
4. Rooney
5. The Kooks

Check out “June Gloom”

The Like circa 2010, For Listeners of:
1. Lily Allen
2. The Pipettes
3. The Noisettes
4. Amy Winehouse
5. Kate Nash

Check out “He’s Not a Boy”

Until next week my music loving friends!
Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,