BOTW #14 – The Lashes

This week’s BOTW spotlight is on a native Seattle band, The Lashes. Forming in 2000, they quickly took the local music scene by storm. Along with constant local shows and tours, they have released two EPs and a full length record.

The Lashes’s one and only full length record, “Get It” (2006), was literally the soundtrack throughout my entire high school career. “Get It” is an album that I know front to back, and track to track. It is the album you turn on if you want some good ole rock n’ roll karaoke! The band shows listeners that they are more than capable of writing a solid power-poprock tune through their contagious melodies, classic rock inspired guitars, and expert weaving of synthesizers and The Killers-eque organs.

The Lashes are for listeners of:
1. Hot Hot Heat
2. Weezer
3. Kaiser Chiefs
4. Phantom Planet
5. The Killers
6. The Lonely H

I was lucky enough to catch these guys a couple times in 2006 and at Bumbershoot 2008! I will forever be waiting for The Lashes’s return to the scene!

1. Sometimes the Sun –
2. A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody
3. Dear Hollywood
4. Please Please Please

Have a toe-tappin’, headbangin’ weekend, friends!
Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,