BOTW #15 – Toro y Moi

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Imagine a mashup of MGMT’s synthy effects, some funky Jamiroquai-esque grooves here and there, the offbeat-coolness of Frank Ocean, and some Imogen Heap vibes… what do you get? This week’s BOTW: Toro Y Moi!

South Carolina native, Chazwick Bradley Bundick (coolest name ever), brings these hybrid sounds (often referred to as chillwave) to the electronic and synthpop world and they have definitely made their mark.

For the lucky few that were able to snag Sasquatch tickets, Toro will be there to grace the stages of the Gorge. For all the non-PNW kids, he is currently on tour in various locations around the world.  For everyone else, his records are totally ideal for the next time you decide to throw a hipster dance party.

Shout outs to @AdamFeldenkris for the request!Bands I think Toro Y Moi should tour with…

2. M83
3. Passion Pit
4. Daft Punk
5. Grimes
6. Cut Copy
7. Mayer Hawthorne
8. Empire of the Sun
Check out the single, “So Many Details,” from his record, “Anything in Return”:

Have a synth-tastic weekend, friends!
Peace, Love, & Rock n. Roll,