Concert Recap – LIGHTS

Tour: Siberia Acoustic 2013
Date: June 13, 2013
Venue: The Neptune – Seattle, WA
A myriad of pics from my phone!

First off, to all my BOTW frequents, I apologize for this late post! The last week has been super hectic with finishing out my last quarter at UW AND graduating… BUT! I am back and ready to share my music opinions and endeavors! Be sure to check out my blog again later this week for a BOTW feature & concert recap on one of my favorite singer-songwriters!!

So going back to this concert recap… Last Thursday I had the opportunity to catch LIGHTS on her Siberia Acoustic tour and it was AMAZING, to say the least. Although her full band shows are stellar with energetic synths and headbangin’ beats, LIGHTS with her acoustic, piano, and Kevin Fox on cello brought a whole new perspective to her music.

Despite the fact that I memorized Siberia Acoustic front to back, hearing her perform it live brought the songs to a new level. The vulnerability and honesty she displays on stage for her fans is one of the most inspiring things about LIGHTS and I really appreciate that as an aspiring artist and songwriter. LIGHTS’ singled out voice was as pure and as strong as ever, never missing a note. With Kevin Fox accompanying her with beautiful and inventive cello lines, the instrumentals were on point! Low and behold, LIGHTS is a rare performer in this day and age that can sing and play live and sound as good, or even better than the studio versions!

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