BOTW #27 – Lorde

At the ripe age of 16, this week’s BOTW, Lorde, is totally killin’ it and proves that age really is just a number. After sweeping her homeland of New Zealand off their feet with her debut EP, The Love Club, Lorde is now making her way into the US music scene and she will not have any trouble with doing so!

I first heard of this indie-pop-prodigy (literally) this afternoon while I was driving and haphazardly “Shazam-ed” to see who the creator of this ridiculously catchy song was. “Royals,” the lead song off her EP, has this cool MIA/Santigold feel, and an a cappella vibe with her layered backup vocals (and y’all know how hyped I get with anything a cappella-y). I was instantly hooked!
Aside from her inventive instrumentals and fresh beats, Lorde’s lyrical content is so mature for her age and really gets you listening and thinking. Check it out for yourself!

Lorde could/should totes collab with artists like:
Lana Del Rey
Kid Cudi
Toro y Moi
Marina & the Diamonds
Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,