BOTW #26 – Said the Whale

Along with Surfer Blood and Wavves, you will also be able to catch water-themed-band-name band, Said the Whale, at this year’s The End’s Summer Camp (YO, 107.7 The End, you should probably hire me for promoting you guys all the time)! And boy are you in a for an indie-rock treat.

These Vancouver (BC, not WA) natives came to the scene with the debut EP in 2007 and have been creating honest and raw tunes ever since. Upon multiple listenings of their discography, Said the Whale does a great job of creating captivating instrumentals whilst also not making it too complex where it could not be replicated in a live show. Creating a huge or full sound on recordings without sounding too overproduced is definitely a skill that is taken for granted.

STW’s vocal harmonies also sold me. Any band that has multiple members that can sing is almost always a winner! Said the Whale takes this vocal approach and keeps it classy and does not overuse harmonies to the point where you don’t know who the lead singer is (always a musical pet peeve of mine).

Said the Whale’s current single (does it remind you of “My Sharona”?):

You’re totes gonna dig Said the Whale if you like these bands:
Walk the Moon
The Hush Sound
Young the Giant
Harvey Danger

And other beachy-keen bands like:
Surfer Blood
Best Coast
Nada Surf

These guys are perfect as the soundtrack for your last few weeks of summer!

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,