NONONO is this week’s band of the week… but they are more like YESYESYES! This trio from Stockholm brings sassy chick vocals, dancey beats, and great usage of synthy keys; everything you could ever want in an indie alt-rock outfit.

Their debut single “Pumpin’ Blood” has one of the catchiest licks, and it’s whistled, of course (I have a theory that any song with whistling is a gem, I even have a “Whistle Along” playlist…). You can expect to find yourself shamelessly dancing to this song in your bedroom and/or fist-pumping to your heart’s content.

NONONO is currently working on their album, and I cannot wait to hear what else they create!

Follow them @nononoofficial

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See all you Seattleites at Bumbershoot this weekend!

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,