BOTW #31 – The Flavr Blue

The Flavr Blue, hailing from the great music city of Seattle, serves listeners some mad electronica/synth pop realness and it would be in your best interest to get your dancing shoes ready. This super trio consists of Parker (artist & producer at Slap, Crackle, Pop Studios in Seattle), Hollis (writer/creative producer for Macklemore x Ryan Lewis, voice of MxRL’s “White Walls,” op. director for Blue Scholars, member of Canary Sing & The Heartfelts, and the list goes on…), and Lace (artist, writer, producer).

The Flavr Blue’s sound is definable by their expert use of a multitude of synths, catchy vocals from all members of the group, and a driving bass that is needed in any form of dance music. Their live show is definitely one that you do not want to miss, and their live footage can account for this! Sadly, I discovered The Flavr Blue RIGHT AFTER their set at Bumbershoot 2013, but I’m not too worried because they are touring and always playing around Seattle! A lesson to us all: study festival lineups VERY closely or you will miss out on a gem like The Flavr Blue.

Follow them @TheFlavrBlue

You can stream their entire debut album, Pisces, here!

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,