JoJo w/ Special Guest Leah Labelle Concert Recap


October 9, 2013 @ The Crocodile – Seattle, WA

Let me start out by saying that “Leave (Get Out)” came out when JoJo and I were both 13 years old, and I totally feel like I have grown up with her ever since. Her down-to-earth attitude, perseverance, and raw talent has kept her going in this crazy industry, despite the major road blocks caused by her noncooperative label (which has prevented her from releasing an album for the past 7 years due to contractual issues). Regardless of the fact that she hasn’t had “official” releases, JoJo has put out singles and mixtapes on her own and they have been received very well by fans and critics.

JoJo’s set started out like a trip down memory lane! She performed favorites from her debut album like “Baby It’s You,” “Leave (Get Out),” and then transitioned into a couple tracks from second record, “The High Road.” If you thought these tracks were good when they were released (she recorded her first record at only 12 years old!), just imagine them being performed 100 times better now! JoJo’s vocal agility and precise riffs are to die for and there is no doubting that she is just a more matured performer and vocalist as whole.


Being the avid singing-reality-show-watcher that I am, I vividly remember Leah Labelle’s American Idol stint back in season 3, and it’s been so cool to watch her evolve into the artist that she is today! her set was packed with originals  as well as some classic R&B tunes. The warmth in Leah’s tone is very soulful and along with her awesome stage presence, it will hopefully take her far in the industry (she was recently signed and has been working with Pharrell!). Oh, and she’s also a Seattle native. Represent, girl!


This show was one for the books, JoJo and Leah are some of the fiercest ladies I have ever seen live and the connection they have with the crowd is priceless! I had the chance to chat with JoJo and she is such an inspiration, especially to an aspiring singer/songwriter like myself. She is truly genuine, and that’s rad.

(Oh yeah, and she gave me props for copping the setlist.. haha)
10_10_2013 11_45_02 PM_jpg

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,