BOTW #37 – Tori Kelly

As a dedicated American Idol viewer, I love following careers of the artists that don’t win (and should have gotten more credit for their talents!). This was totally the case for Tori Kelly back in Season 9 when she was cut short of the top 24 singers.

I will admit that I was not initially a huge fan of her slightly-nasally tone at first, but she has matured so much since her Idol days as a musician and vocalist, and now I’m completely sold! Besides her great songwriting (I would even dare to say that she is on her way to being a young-female equivalent to John Mayer when it comes to her raw and honest writing style), Tori has got RIFFS FOR DAYS. If you know me, it is pretty much love at first riff for any vocalist that can execute an intricate and creative run (imagine JoJo and Scott Hoying riffs, yeah, that good).

Since gaining a huge YouTube following with her stellar covers and releasing a couple EPs, she is now working with big names likes Scooter Braun (the Biebz, Ariana Grande), Pharrell, and Ed Sheeran! Check out her most recent release, Foreword EP, every tune is a gem!

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,