BOTW #38 – Watsky

Alternative-rap may as well be its own genre as far as I know. More and more rap artists these days are incorporating their rhymes into musical stylings that are influenced by pop, rock, r&b, and dance music. Not only has this given rap a whole new sound, it has pulled in listeners that may have not before been interested in “hardcore” or “gangsta” rap.

Watsky, a rapper with tons of spoken word experience, is definitely a force to be reckoned with in this “new wave” rap era. His witty lyrics, rapping speed that is comparable to Busta Rhymes, indie beats, catchy hooks, crazy sense of humor, and commanding stage presence are bound to catch your attention.

Check out his latest record, Cardboard Castles, for his most polished sound yet!

Here are a couple older tunes to get you warmed up…

Other artists you should jam to if you like Watsky:
1. Chiddy Bang
2. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
3. twenty one pilots
4. Beastie Boys
5. New Politics
6. Gym Class Heroes

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,