BOTW #47 – Woodkid

You may not have heard of Yoann Lemoine, but you are probably very familiar with his work outside of his musical pursuit as “Woodkid” if you are a top 40 fan. Yoann is an award-winning music video director/graphic artist and has directed videos for Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, Rihanna, Drake, and Taylor Swift. He’s taken his artistic talents to creating his own music and videos to prove that he is truly a jack of all art trades.

Imagine the super alt-hipster David Bowie collaborating with the ever-so epic Muse. I am pretty sure the result would sound something like what Woodkid has to offer in his music.

Through fantastical orchestral arrangements containing majestic horns, haunting piano interludes, soaring strings, and marching band snares, it feels like you are living a movie whilst listening to his records. Along with his impressive instrumentation, Woodkid composes beautiful alt-pop melodies that suit his warm timbre perfectly.

It will be really interesting to see how Woodkid translates his music on stage at Coachella! Check out his first full length record, “The Golden Age,” and you will not be disappointed!

Here’s a remix Woodkid did to hold you over until you have time to give his entire record a thorough listen.

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,