Rock the Pleather

Miss Amanda was kind enough to ask me to write something for her blog. We’ve known each other for about 3-4 years and not only went to the same college, but worked together as well. We instantly bonded over being Asian (us and the 10 billion other Asians residing in Seattle), gushed about our mutual love and appreciation for High School Musical (also a mutual love my 5 year old cousins share), debated over Selena Gomez being a decent singer (for the record, Amanda LOVES Selena…kidding. She hates her. HATES.), and Amanda was one of the first people I ever saw wear feathers in her hair (she’s so cool, isn’t she?).

Although I love music (duh, high school musical soundtrack on repeat for days), I will leave that expertise up to Amanda. Instead, I’m a fashion lover and self-proclaimed foodie. You know those Asians that are constantly whipping out their IPhones to snap a million photos of their food before they even touch it? Embarrassing, right? Yeah, that’s me. As far as fashion goes, I love putting outfits together. A typical day for me is waking up thinking of what I’m going to wear and falling asleep thinking about what I’m going to wear. I have a personal fashion and food blog: Anna-lamode

One of my favorites for this season is leather (or pleather if you’re me and on a budget). Pleather skirts, pleather tops, pleather sleeved jackets, pleather pants, the list goes on. It’s an easy way to instantly jazz up an outfit and is a very versatile material. You can go for an edgier look (think tight black pleather pants, moto jacket, and spiked heels and less dominatrix) or a more girly look (pleather skater skirt and a lacy crop top). My take on the look is more of a casual prep. I paired my pants with a thick wool sweater, flowy blouse, and plaid flats. Along with pleather, another favorite of mine is accessorizing with gold jewelry. Gold rings and bangles are my go-to.

So, if you ever catch yourself questioning if pleather is appropriate, the answer is always yes. Just rock it!


Pants: H&M Sweater: J.Crew Blouse: Astr

Purse: Michael Kors Shoes: Shoedazzle

Watch: Michael Kors Rings: Forever 21 Bracelet: Anthropology

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