BOTW #53 – Bear Hands

With melodic phrases reminiscent of Tegan & Sara’s alt-pop flare, vocal styling and filters that remind you of Empire of the Sun, punch-y rhythmic guitars, and an expert use of synth pads, Bear Hands has all of the right ingredients to appease the people of the indie/alt-rock scene.

These Brooklyn natives sure know how to translate their feels into a catchy composition. Bear Hands will have you headbanging and humming along to their tunes in no time. Catch them at Barboza in Capitol Hill on April 1st, this week at SXSW, both weekends at Coachella, or any of their shows in between! Click here for tour dates.

If you like _______, you’ll love Bear Hands.
The 1975
Foster the People
Tegan & Sara
Passion Pit
Empire of the Sun

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,