BOTW #54 – Heavy Petting


This week I am taking a break from highlighting Coachella 2014 bands and taking it back to the city streets of Seattle with some of my super talented friends, Heavy Petting!

Heavy Petting is an instrumental heavy alt-rock trio that brings excitement and intensity, even without the presence of a vocalist. The musicality and precision that these three guys provide the crowd is surely something you need to hear and see live to fully appreciate. The melodic intricacies provided by guitarist, the driving bass lines, and the drummer’s complex rhythmic patterns and accents are more than enough to keep the average live music enthusiast engaged.

Click here to purchase their cassette and/or digital download!

The guys are headed out on a tour this spring, so be sure to click here for updates on when and where that is happening!


Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,