[CONCERT RECAP] Seattle Symphony’s Sonic Revolution Feat. Sir Mix-A-Lot & Pickwick

Photo: seattlemag.com

Photo: seattlemag.com

It is not everyday that you can say you danced on the Benaroya Hall stage with Sir Mix-A-Lot while the Seattle Symphony provided the backing track to “Baby Got Back,” and alas, this actually happened.

Last Friday night, conductor, Ludovic Morlot, led the Seattle Symphony in it’s Sonic Revolution showcase (click here for the Program Notes), which featured composers from around the world collaborating with and spotlighting local artists (i.e. Sir Mix-A-Lot, Ray Charles, Bill Frisell, and Pickwick). “Beautifully epic” seems to be the only words that can describe my time at this very special and unique concert experience. The orchestration was fantastic, and the musicians were on point as ever.

Check out Sir Mix-A-Lot’s surprise performance of “Baby Got Back,” and you may or may not see yours truly taking a selfie at 4:19…

Closing out the night was local indie-soul-rockers, Pickwick, performing three of their songs that were arranged for the Seattle Symphony by David Campbell. And let me tell you, whether or not you are a big fan of these guys, or it was your first time hearing of them, you were in for an audible treat. The string/horn-infused arrangements complimented the band’s songs perfectly, and provided just a whole other level of awesomeness. Here’s to hoping they release a recording of their Seattle Symphony collaboration!

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,