Katy Perry – Prismatic World Tour [CONCERT RECAP]

(OBSESSED with Katy’s inflatable floating emojis! pic: veooz.com)

Someone give this girl a Grammy already! Why she doesn’t have one in pop vocal music already is beyond me. I feel that a lot of people overlook Katy’s raw vocal talent, which is weird because she has gained so much mainstream success.

The Prismatic World Tour was a BLAST. It really just felt like we partied with Katy Perry for two hours, and no one can complain about that!

The Katy I learned to love was the acoustic/ballad-y/singer/songwriter Katy, and that Katy is still here (just not featured on the radio)! Her acoustic renditions of “By the Grace of God,” “Unconditionally,” and “The One That Got Away” were so beautiful and they really show the authenticity and sincerity that Katy gives her fans.

To have the ability to capture a crowd with a stripped down set AND a fully produced pop music spectacular showcase is quite an amazing concept, and KP has got it down.

If you are a fan of Katy at any level, seeing her live will quadruple your level of fandom at the very least. Yaaas KP, yaaaaas.

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,