Nick Jonas – 2014 Tour [CONCERT RECAP]

Growing up as an avid Disney Channel consumer, it is no surprise that I was a huge Jonas Brothers and Camp Rock fan. Their brand of rock-driven pop was undeniably awesome. Some call it a guilty pleasure, but I never feel guilty about liking quality pop (haha).

By this point in my life, I have gotten tickets to two Jonas Brothers concerts, and they were both cancelled/rescheduled, so when I found out that Nick (the best JoBro, obvi) was going on a small club tour to hype up his new solo project, I jumped on that pre-sale like no other. He crooned to a crowd of die-hard fans at the Showbox Market, and honestly, it probably didn’t matter what he sang, people would still be all about it. For the reinvention of himself for this solo endeavor, Nick’s writing and music style is a lot more mature and R&B driven, while still keeping his singer/songwriter roots (think Frank Ocean, Jesse McCartney, and John Mayer).

While his new material was great, hearing an entire set of never-before-heard songs is overwhelming – I need sometime to digest all this greatness! And I am sure I can speak for everyone there that the moment when Nick broke out into Jonas Brothers classic, “A Little Bit Longer,” our hearts all melted.

I’m pumped for his new record, due November 11, 2014 (not to mention tracks featuring Angel Haze AND Demi Lovato!!).

Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,