BOTW #20 – Pickwick


This week’s BOTW is Seattle’s very own PICKWICK. This band is so indie hipster-cool that they don’t even have a Wikipedia yet, and almost everything has one these days.  This indie-rock/soul group bring a fresh sound with their 60s guitar tones, groovy organs, steady beats, and earnest vocals. Along with Allen Stone, I am pretty sure they are part of Seattle’s growing “soul” movement. I’m going to call that now (we will see if this theory pans out).

I first heard of these guys a couple years back through a video of them singing a cappella in the Suzzallo Library Reading Room (aka the Harry Potter Room). There are many things amazing about this, but here are a couple.  One: The Suzzallo Reading Room is basically silent at all times, even the sound of your backpack zipper will echo obnoxiously through the room. Basically the perfect room for an impromptu a cappella performance. Two: I am obsessed with basically anything a cappella. So the fact that they were able to sound AWESOME a cappella is a pretty big deal.

Check out their music here!

You’ll totally love Pickwick if you are fans of:
1. The Black Keys
2. Allen Stone
3. Alex Clare
4. Band of Horses
5. Cold War Kids
Check out Pickwick’s full length album, “Can’t Talk Medicine,” for some soulful tunes. It shall not disappoint!
Peace, Love, & Rock n’ Roll,