[CONCERT RECAP] Kirby Krackle – Lucid Lounge 2/6/14


IMG_0530Photo Credit: Christopher Wright

If Ben Folds Five and The Aquabats formed a super group band with The Avengers as their musical director, it would probably sound a little something like Kirby Krackle! This “nerd-rock” band has been gracing the Seattle nerd-geek community with their superhero/comic book/pop-culture/video game-infused tunes since 2009. Since the band realized their super-powered music skills, they have been touring Comic Conss across the US and Australia!

As soon as Kirby Krackle hit the stage, it was a non-stop party! Front man, Kyle Stevens, rallied the crowd with his commanding stage presence and nerd-rock-glam, as any superhero-musician would. The band’s energy and enthusiasm was contagious and got everyone from dedicated “Krackleheads” (their fandom) to first-time listeners on their feet and dancing!

Kirby Krackle was super rad to play this gig for The Sidekick Collective launch party! You can even hear their song in the new docu-movie, Reinventing the Patriot. Click here to learn more about this awesome organization!

Here’s one of my favorite songs — the soundtrack to #NetflixLife.

Peace, Love, & Super-Powered Rock n’ Roll,
photo 2-1
Myself, Kyle Stevens of Kirby Krackle, and Paige.